What is Wicked 101 all about?

Wicked 101 is all about the history of the Wicked Shit! Each episode, Defekt lines up a special guest or two to come in and talk shop. Legends, up and comers, and behind the scenes ninjas are all possibilities for guests! 

Where can I watch or listen to Wicked 101?

When a show is live, you can watch on Facebook via the Majik Ninja Entertainment and Defekt Facebook pages.  Soon after the show airs live, it will be uploaded to YouTube and an audio only podcast version will also become available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Will you play my song or video on the show?

Possibly. If you would like us to spin your song or video, please submit a YouTube or downloadable Soundcloud link via the contact portion of this site. By submitting, you give us permission to use your song or video. Submitting something doesn't necessarily mean it will get used. 

How do I become a guest on Wicked 101?

If you would like to be a guest on Wicked 101, please hit us up via the contact page of this site. Assume we've never heard of you. Let us know where we can check your music out and include a short bio. Wicked Shit only!