About The Host


What's In A Name?

Long story short: When Defekt was born, a cyst in his throat prevented him from breathing.  After three surgeries in his first six months of life, this birth defect left him with his unique raspy voice... perfectly fitting for the horrorcore rap genre! It also eventually became the source of his stage name.


Horrorcore Historian

Defekt has been following the Michigan horrorcore scene as a fan since the mid 90's. He has released 3 albums independently and contributed to numerous other projects as well. As an artist, fan, and behind the scenes ninja, he's the perfect person to school you on the history of the wicked shit! 


Giving Back

Wicked 101 is a way for Defekt to give back to the genre. By utilizing the connections he has made, his plan is to deliver the history of the scene back to the fans so that it doesn't get lost over time.

About The Show


Focused On History

Broadcasting live from an abandoned classroom in Detroit seemed like the perfect setting to school everyone on some horrorcore history! We enlist a different guest host for each episode and focus on a different aspect of that artist or the genres history.


The Guests

Past guests include: Staplez, Fritz The Cat, The R.O.C., V Sinizter, Troubled Mindz, Scum, J Reno, King Gordy, Lex The Hex Master, Jade & Heather from the Best Friend Show Podcast, and Kuma! With Majik Ninja promoting the show, anything is possible for the future!


Get Schooled

All past episodes can be found on Defekt's Facebook and Youtube pages. The show is also available in podcast form on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.